3 Easy To Decipher Signs She Wants To Be Your Girlfriend

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She likes you. She likes you not.

When you’re interested in dating a woman, being able to spot the signs she wants to be your girlfriend might seem like an elusive skill, especially if you aren’t very successful or experienced in the relationship department. But, if experience has already taught you how to recognize when you are firmly in the friend zone or waiting on the back burner, then you probably have more insight into women than you realize.

Here are a few ways to reverse a girl’s common “not interested” signals, so you can quickly identify the signs that indicate she wants to be your girlfriend and become romantically involved.

She’s Getting Closer

When a girl isn’t into a guy romantically, she takes steps to limit physical contact, so he doesn’t get the wrong idea. Most girls want to avoid any kind of awkward situation that makes them feel uncomfortable around a guy, so it only stands to reason that when a girl wants to be more than friends, the opposite will be true.

An increase in “accidental” contact is usually her subconscious way of signaling interest, by literally bringing you closer together. A seemingly innocent touch on the forearm or shoulder during casual conversations can speak volumes if you are “listening” and paying attention to her body language. Furthermore, the amount of personal space she maintains with most people will shrink considerably between the two of you when she wants to draw you in.

She’s Paying Attention

Most guys understand what it feels like to be invisible to a girl they like. The thing is, when a girl isn’t “interested”, she really isn’t interested.

Let me explain…

If a woman isn’t “into you”, she might remember basic info, like your name or where you’re from, but anything more personal that you’ve shared has likely gone in one ear and out the other.

On the other hand, when a girl wants to take things to the next level by becoming your girlfriend, she will most likely bring up random bits of information you hardly remember telling her to begin with. She will remember your favorite things. She will know your middle name. She might even know how you like your coffee.

It isn’t because she’s psychic, and it isn’t because she’s psycho and stalking you…well…most of the time, anyway. 😉 It’s because she’s interested enough in you as a person that she actually pays attention to the things that are important to you.

Her Inner Circle

When a girl has no serious intentions with a guy, it’s safe to bet that those closest to her have no idea who he is, and he isn’t likely to know much about them, either. If she’s thinking about becoming your girlfriend, then she will want you to hang out with her, her friends, and her family, not only to see how you interact with them, but also to get their opinions of you. She will want them to know all about this “great guy” she can’t stop talking about.

If you find yourself being introduced to the people who are most important in her life or being invited to family functions or nights out with friends, then it’s a good sign she is ready to go “public” with your relationship.

The signs she wants to be your girlfriend aren’t always obvious, and it’s easy to obsess over the smallest gesture or most casual comment, especially when you are unsure of how she feels about you. But instead of focusing on the minutest of details during individual exchanges, try taking a step back and getting a broader look at your interactions. You might just see her intentions are actually quite obvious.

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