3 Ways To Turn A Guy On Without Touching Him

An Attractive Woman Wearing A Red Dress

So you’re in the early stages of a relationship, or maybe you’re not even technically in a relationship at all. Maybe he’s just the guy who works in the coffee shop you frequent, and you want to get him to notice you. Maybe he’s a friend of a friend who, up until this point, has only engaged in harmless and meaningless flirtation with you.

Whatever the specifics of the situation, you want to get him to see you for who you are, and you want him to want you! There have to be ways to turn a guy on without touching him, right?

Of course there are! (BIG HINT: speaking the Language of Desire is my favorite method) And there are numerous definitions of being “turned on.”

To limit yourself to the physical definition is to limit your ability to reach a man’s heart. And you don’t want to do that.

You might be surprised what guys – often mischaracterized as simple sex maniacs who are only looking to get into your pants – are really turned on by. Let’s briefly discuss a few of the ways to turn a guy on without touching him.

1. Scent

Your sense of smell is the sense most strongly connected to intense memory. Certain smells can transport you back in time. The smell of baking cookies might take you right back to grandma’s house when you were a young girl. The smell of a particular kind of beer might take you back to that wild college night when you met your ex.

We’ve all experienced this type of thing in one way or another. Here’s how you use it to your advantage: find a scent. Your scent. A scent that no one else wears. And stick to it.

Wear only that scent, and wear it every time you’re around the guy you crave. He will begin to associate that scent with you, and all of those amazing characteristics you’re sure to put on display in his presence.

When you aren’t there, he’ll long for that smell. He’ll come to want it so badly that it verges on a need. He’ll get turned on, and he’ll want you badly.

2. Sight

Every girl has a pair of pants that really shows off her legs, or her calves, or her butt. Men are incredibly visual creatures. Women are too, of course, but men are more so.

So don’t hide away that A-list wardrobe. Make sure you wear exactly what it is that you know will turn his head, and get him turned on just by looking at you.

3. Intelligence

Remember what I said about different meanings of the phrase “turn on”? Well, this is what I’m talking about. It may be hard to believe, but most guys, when asked, will tell you that the first thing they’re looking for in a girl (after her appearance) is intelligence and a sense of humor.

Now, I’m not talking about those adolescent guys who are still obsessed with T&A. I’m talking about real men, and that’s who I assume you want to turn on. Or at least it should be.

The “dumb blonde” might make a good one-night stand, but if you want to turn on the type of guy who will want to be with you long-term, then don’t dumb yourself down. Be as smart and as witty as you can be without making your man feel intimidated or emasculated.  Otherwise, your intelligence could actually keep you single.

Showcase your intelligence, and deliver it in a funny way. Your looks might attract him, but it’s things like intelligence, humor, and personality that will turn him on emotionally and keep him around long-term.

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