Best Ways To Make Your Ex Want You Back

make your ex want you back

Going through a breakup can be difficult, especially if you desperately want to remain together. If this is the case, you may be looking for the best ways to make your ex want you back.

While there is no guaranteed technique or strategy that can assure you of a reconciliation, there is some advice that can give you the best chance of success.  This includes closely evaluating your relationship and testing the waters to see where your ex is in regards to getting back together. Showing them the person they fell in love with in a strategic way (like the method outlined in Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back) can also help rekindle your romance quickly. You can learn more about using the Text Your Ex Back program to get your ex back over at

Evaluate Your Relationship

Though this is often not the case, sometimes a breakup is instigated by an ex trying to send you a message.

How so?

They may truly want to be with you, but are tired of dealing with a certain issue. For example, perhaps again and again they’ve mentioned their frustration with your lack of maturity or inability to commit.  A breakup may be their way of signaling to you that they won’t put up with it anymore, and change is needed if you are to have a future together.

While this may seem extreme to you, if your ex believes that you haven’t been listening to what they are saying, they may feel that a breakup is the ultimate way to get your attention. If you don’t get your act together when they demonstrate their willingness to walk away, you likely never will. This can be a litmus test of sorts, as your ex is using it to gauge whether you will ever shape up.

Examine Your Breakup

One way to determine if your ex is simply trying to send you a message is to examine your breakup. If there wasn’t a great deal of anger or resentment expressed, and more disappointment instead, your chances for reconciliation may be quite good.  However, this may also indicate a lack of passion, which means that your ex has truly moved on.

How can you determine which is true?

If during your breakup, your ex used open-ended statements or gave you instructions, this likely means they want you to win them back. For instance, if they said things like don’t come back until you grow up or talk to me when you settle down, this is a strong clue they are waiting for you to change.

Get To Work

If after examining your breakup, you decide that your ex likely wants you back, it is time to get to work.  Don’t simply try to win your ex over by putting all of your energy into reconciling. Instead, the best course of action is to make the changes that your ex wants so badly.

This process can take time and effort, but the end result can have an impressive impact.  How so?

According to Men’s Fitness, if they see your willingness to make the changes that they so desperately want, this can be one of the best ways to make your ex want you back. If they’ve simply been waiting for you to do what is necessary to have a solid relationship with them, this can be extremely attractive. In fact, if you’re able to successfully demonstrate that you’ve heard their concerns and made real changes, you may not have to work hard to win them back.

In other words, placing your focus on the real issues which caused your breakup can have far better results than large romantic displays which have little lasting meaning. Taking them out to a fancy dinner may not thaw their heart like showing them you’re ready to be committed or have finally given up your immature ways. Eharmony extends the same advice, saying that the best reason to get back together is because issues that were holding you back have been resolved.

Remember Your Roots

Sometimes the best way to make your ex want you back, involves getting back to your roots instead.  They may miss the person you were when the relationship first started. This is a common issue, as people often grow complacent the longer that a relationship continues.

At the beginning, you may give them a great deal of time, attention, and affection.  You may also engage in activities which they enjoy, though you may not find particularly entertaining. In other words, you were willing to put their needs ahead of your own and be truly romantic.

Over time, this willingness may fade, and you may begin to take them for granted. If this was the cause of your breakup, you need to prove to your ex that you remember your roots. Show them the person that they fell in love with by going back to the beginning.

If you used to take your ex out to an activity that they truly enjoyed, like dancing, invite them out to do so again. Or, perhaps you used to write them poetry or cook special meals for them. One way to make them want you back, is by doing so once again – treating them like you did when you first started dating.

Reestablish Your Romance

Only after taking a close look at why you broke up can you determine the best way to get your ex back. This may involve fixing an issue that your ex has consistently complained about in an attempt to demonstrate to your ex that getting back together is worthwhile. Or, your ex may simply have grown frustrated with your lack of effort, and they’d like you to quit taking them for granted. Either way, making the appropriate adjustments and demonstrating to your ex that things will be different this time may give you the best opportunity to reestablish the romance for good.

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